• Geometry cleanup and mesh generation as per the client’s quality criteria (Shell middle surface and plastic parts meshing, Solid tetra and Hexa interior Meshing)
  • Assigning of EIDs/NIDs/PIDs/MIDs according to the client’s numbering convention
  • Allocation of Module IDs, part names and part structure in part manager as per the geometry data and clients specification


  • FE geometry customization and adjustments

Model Preparation

  • Defining connection technology
  • Defining Material cards, tie contact and general surface contacts
  • Building include/input file of BIW, doors and all mounting parts
  • Dummy, Seat and Barrier Positioning, Belt Fittings and Airbag Folding. Model building for Front/Side/Rear impacts, Component tests, Bumper test, Drop test, Seat and Belt test, Roof and Door Crush, Occupant & Pedestrian Safety, Head impacts, Strength, Durability and NVH
  • Variants preparation according to client‘s optimised geometry modifications and suggestions