Cads Soft Studios

This is CADs Soft, the game development division of CADS Engineering GmbH, creators of the Early Access Game called Eggness! We are currently taking custom orders on Fiverr and specialize in creating high quality 2D Video Games for Mobile and PC. We provide a solid GDD to you once we get an idea of your requirements and vision. Our GDD will be second to none. The GDD will include:

- Plot

- Setting

- Mindset

- Gameplay Design

- UI design

- Menu flow chart

- Stand out features

- AI behaviors

- Character story/backgrounds

- Gun play or Combat design

- Level design

- Mission or level objectives

- Progression system

- Narrative design

- Screen effects, graphics and art style suggestions.

We will create a high quality 2D Game based on the final Game Design Document.To place an order and get your game created,please click here and buy our gig on Fiverr.


Eggness:Episode 1